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5th European ACTINET Practical summer school in Marcoule
Analytical innovation and separation chemistry in the field of actinides recycling
August 29– September 3, 2010

Table of Content

Sunday PM Reception and registration of participants at Park Inn Hotel
August 29 18h45 Introductory Lecture (G. Bordier)
Monday AM 8h30-9h15 Introduction : Issues of analysis and recycling of actinides (C. Poinssot)
August 30 9h30-10h45 State of the art for recycling actinides and prospects (K.Nash)
Coffee break
11h15-12h30 Developments in analytical chips (P. Puget)
PM 14h00-15h30 Chemical thermodynamics of solutions (J. Bruno)
Coffee break
15h45-17h15 Extraction chemistry of actinides in organic phases and mechanisms at the water-organic interface” (I. Grenthe)
Tuesday AM Actinides recycling session
August 31 8h30-9h15 Extraction, solvents and radiolysis (L.Berthon)
9h30-10h15 Implementation of processes (J.Duhamet)
Coffee break
10h45-11h30 Simulation of ions in solution and at interfaces (G.Wipff)
11h45-12h30 Modelling by multi-scale approaches (JF.Dufrêche)
PM 14h30-17h30 1° Practical session (ICSM + Marcoule)
18h00-19h00 Invited lecturer « Analytical innovation serving culture »(P. Walter)=
Wednesday AM 8h30-12h30 Oral presentation of participants (5 min, 1 to 2 slides)
September 1
PM 14h-18h Excursion to the city of Avignon
18h30-19h30 Invited lecturer « Discoveries that changed the world » (G.Lander)
Conference diner
Thursday AM Analytical innovation session
September 2 8h00-9h15 Developments in analytical innovation (D. Thiebaut)
9h30-10h30 State of the art for analytical innovation (P.Toulhoat)
Coffee break
10h45-11h45 Input in analytical hyphenated techniques (O. Donard)
12h00-12h45 Developments in EC-ICP-MS (J.Aupiais)
PM 14h30-17h30 2° Practical session (ICSM + Marcoule)
Friday AM 9h00-12h00 3° Practical session (ICSM+Marcoule)
September 3
PM 14h00-14h30 Practical session debriefing (ICSM)
14h45-16h00 Invited lecturer « Diffusion to and from microconfined areas : investigation by electrochemistry at microelectrodes» (C. Amatore )