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Short description of the work
EXAFS experiments have been performed at the ROBL beamline on 15-18th june. Data were collected at 15K on nine different uranothorite solid solutions (Th1-xUxSiO4) and also three other additional samples used as standards containing Th4+, U4+ and U6+. The studied compounds were under the form pellets mixed with sugar and sealed in an appropriate teflon holders supplied kindly by Andreas Scheinost Almost all the data were collected in both transmission and fluorescence modes. The use of the fluorescence mode was justified by the low quantities of uranium in our samples. In this run, the studied uranothorite compounds are: USiO4 (as synthesized and purified), ThSiO4 (pure), Th0.2U0.8SiO4 (purified), Th0.5U0.5SiO4 (as synthesized, purified and post dissolution tests) and Th0.8U0.2SiO4 (purified and after the dissolution experiment). A final report will be submitted shortly.
Dr. Adel Mesbah

Main visitor contact data
Name: Dr Adel Mesbah
Organisation: Institut de Chimie Séparative de Marcoule

JRP Identification
JRP nr: TALI-C01-11
JRP title: Characterization of uranothorite solid solution (Th1‐xUxSiO4) by EXAFS; from syntheses and purification to dissolution
JRP scope: Scope 2: Actinide in the geological environment

Visited Associated Pooled Facility
Visited APF during the stay: HZDR - ROBL
Name of the APF Contact Person: Randolf Butzbach

Other APF and organisation involved in the JRP
Other organisations involved: Institut de Chimie Séparative de Marcoule
Other APF involved in the project: HZDR - ROBL

Description of the work done at the associated pooled facility
Start date of the stay: 6/15/2013
End date of the stay: 6/18/2013
Quantity of access: 3
Access Unit: Days
Misc.: Work during week-ends

Other APF visitors of the JRP during the stay
Visitor 2: Dr Adel Mesbah
Visitor 3: Dr Nicolas Clavier
Visitor 4: Dr Stephanie Szenknect
Visitor 5: Pr Nicolas Dacheux