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We have performed X-Ray Absoprtion Near Edge Structure (XANES) Studies on the sodium uranates Na3UO4, Na4UO5 and Na2U2O7 at the Rossendorf Beamline (ROBL, ESRF, Grenoble) under the Talisman framework. We have established the local structure and charge distribution of the uranium cation in those compounds. Na4UO5 and Na2U2O7 present uranium in the oxidation state (VI). In the case of the Na3UO4 compound however, XANES spectra have revealed uranium (VI) and not uranium (V) as expected. This has led us to revisit the compound’s structure and chemical composition, namely Na3.2U0.8O4, by incorporation of 20% excess sodium on the uranium site. Those results have direct consequences from thermodynamics’ perspectives for the fuel-sodium interaction.

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Name: Anna Smith
Organisation: Institute for Transuranium Elements

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JRP nr: TALI-C01-02
JRP title: XANES studies of the sodium uranates Na3UO4, Na4UO5 and Na2U2O7
JRP scope: Scope 3: Actinide materials

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Visited APF during the stay: HZDR - ROBL
Name of the APF Contact Person: Andreas Scheinost

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Other organisations involved: University of Cambridge, Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy
Other APF involved in the project: HZDR - ROBL

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Start date of the stay: 9/25/2013
End date of the stay: 9/27/2013
Quantity of access: 6
Access Unit: Shifts

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Visitor 2: Damien Prieur (ITU)
Visitor 3: Philippe Raison (ITU)
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