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Three samples of irradiated uranium carbide were investigated by microXAS. All samples were studied at excitation energy of 17.3 keV at the U-L3 absorption edge and two samples were studied below the Cu-L3 absorption edge in addition in order to avoid a fluorescence background from the copper sample holder.
The main focus from the microXRD investigation was on both, the study of a competing uranium dicarbide and uranium monocarbide phase coexistence that was seen on non-irradiated samples and on the investigation of irradiation-induced stress. The phase assemblage seems to be subject of major change due to the operation of this material, which is currently placed in relation with measurements of its performance that were taken during operation.
MicroXRF was used to study the evolution of the buried microscopic pore morphology and of fission fragments. A clear change of distribution and shape of pores can be identified, while it appears difficult to follow the distribution of fission fragments with sufficient statistics.
Good microEXAFS spectra have been complicated to achieve of this material since it proves difficult to maintain a defined position of the synchrotron spot on the sample over time and photon energy. Already minor position shifts of the synchrotron beam or sample position of less than 3 µm result in major changes of both, the intensity signal in transmission and fluorescence, due to inhomogeneity that is intrinsic to these samples.
Further EPMA studies are scheduled on this material in order to support the data analysis.

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Name: Dr Alexander Gottberg
Organisation: CERN

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JRP nr: TALI-C01-14
JRP title: Post‐Irradiation Analysis of an Actinide Target Material for the Production of Exotic Isotope Ion Beams ‐
JRP scope: Scope 3: Actinide materials

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Visited APF during the stay: PSI - MicroXAS Beamline
Name of the APF Contact Person: Daniel Grolimund

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Start date of the stay: 10/16/2013
End date of the stay: 10/19/2013
Quantity of access: 10
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Misc.: Work during week-ends

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Visitor 2: Joao Pedro Romos (CERN)
Visitor 3: Dr. Jens Roeder (University Aachen)
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