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The incorporation of minor actinides (Am, Np and Cm) in UO2 is a promising option to recycle them in nuclear reactors. Despite this applied interest, there is an important lack of experimental data in these systems. In the present work, we have synthesized (U,Np)O2 materials at JRC-ITU using a sol-gel method. The obtained powder was then pelletized and sintered at 1650°C during 4 hours under Ar/H2. In order to study the charge distribution and local structure of these compounds, X-ray Absorptions Spectroscopy has been conducted at ANKA on the INE beamline. Combining X-ray Diffraction and Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure, it has been shown that fluorite solid solutions have been achieved for all the compositions. The interatomic distances, as well as the level of structural order, have been determined for each oxides and showed a clear dependancy with the Np content. According to the X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure, the U and Np cations are both tetravalent, as expected in the employed sintering conditions.

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Name: Dr. Damien Prieur
Organisation: JRC-ITU


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JRP nr: TALI-C01-17
JRP title: XAS study of the U-Np-O system
JRP scope: Scope 3: Actinide materials

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Visited APF during the stay: KIT-INE - Beamline
Name of the APF Contact Person: Thorsten Schaefer

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Start date of the stay: 11/19/2013
End date of the stay: 11/23/2013
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Visitor 2: Dr. Jean-Francois Vigier
Visitor 3: Dr; Laura Martel
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