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The main goal of the project was to perform a comparative characterisation of intrinsic plutonium colloids obtained by controlled hydrolysis of Pu(IV) and by sonolysis of plutonium dioxide in pure water. Colloids have been prepared at Atalante research facility of Marcoule Centre. The ultrasonic treatment at 20 kHz of PuO2 suspension in pure water under Ar leads to the formation of a green colloidal solution stable for months. The Vis-NIR spectra revealed that the sonochemical colloid exhibits the similar characteristic peaks as a hydrolyzed one. However, the spectrum of sonochemical colloid demonstartes strong Mie scattering which can be related to bigger particles compared to hydrolyzed colloid. The edge and white line position in Pu L3 XANES spectra show unequivocally the presence of Pu(IV) for both colloids. The EXAFS spectrum of sonochemical colloid indicates Pu-O and Pu-Pu distances quite similar to those in plutonium dioxide. By contrast, the EXAFS spectrum of colloid obtained by Pu(IV) hydrolysis exhibits a higher structural disorder via stronger contribution of Pu-O bonds compared to Pu-Pu bonds. This may indicate smaller particle size for hydrolyzed colloid than those of sonochemical colloid. Currently, the TEM study of prepared colloids are in progress in collaboration with KIT-INE Laboratory.

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Name: Dr. Sergey Nikitenko
Organisation: ICSM

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JRP nr: TALI-C02-01
JRP title: Preparation of Pu(IV) intrinsic colloids
JRP scope: Scope 1: Actinide separation chemistry

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Visited APF during the stay: HZDR - ROBL
Name of the APF Contact Person: Andreas Scheinost

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Other APF involved in the project: CEA - ATALANTE, KIT-INE - Laboratories

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Start date of the stay: 6/21/2014
End date of the stay: 6/24/2014
Quantity of access: 9
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Misc.: Work during week-ends

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Visitor 2: Dr. Tony Chave
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