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Short description of the work
This JRP's aim is a fundamental study of the interaction of Am with stainless steels encountered in repository and waste separations, treatment and storage. The specific objectives are:
To determine whether and in what form Am incorporates into passivating layers on Cr/Ni rich low carbon steels in acid and neutral media (relevant to waste separation processes and repository).
To determine whether and in what form Am incorporates into corrosion products formed in carbon steels under alkaline conditions (of relevance to waste storage) and on low carbon steels under acid conditions (of relevance to HAL evaporators)
To determine whether Am affects steel corrosion, either as a corrosion accelerator or by changing the corrosion product (as per U uptake in iron oxyhydroxides)
A 150 ppm (concentration of PUREX raffinates) stock solution of Am was prepared to study Am(III) electrochemistry in acid, neutral and basic media on inert noble metal microelectrodes to establish baseline behaviour. The following electrolytes were made up containing 6.2 x 10-4 M Am:
1, 3 & 5 M HNO3
0.1 M KNO3
0.01 mM KCl
Modified simplified groundwater (0.01 M NaCl & 0.002 M NaHCO3)
'Pondwater' – representative of interim storage ponds, Na2SO4 electrolyte adjusted to pH 11 with NaOH
Electrodes used were: 10, 50 100, 250 & 500 um Gold microelectrodes, Graphene ring nanoelectrode, glassy carbon electrode and 100 um platinum microelectrode.
It was found that only the glassy carbon and various gold microelectrodes yielded useful results, therefore only these electrodes have been used in subsequent experiments. It was not possible to use the pondwater in these experiments as the americium precipitated out of the solution due to the basic nature of the electrolyte.

Main visitor contact data
Name: Nadya Rauff-Nisthar
Organisation: Lancaster University

JRP Identification
JRP nr: TALI-C01-19
JRP title: A fundamental study of the intercations of Am with steel surfaces
JRP scope: Scope 3: Actinide materials

Visited Associated Pooled Facility
Visited APF during the stay: JRC-ITU - Labs & Hot-cells
Name of the APF Contact Person: Dr Detlef Wegen

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Other organisations involved: Lancaster University
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Start date of the stay: 10/13/2014
End date of the stay: 11/21/2014
Quantity of access: 30
Access Unit: Days