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Ionic liquids have very interesting properties for a potential application in solvent extraction for the separation of actinides from used nuclear fuel, e.g. the low volatility and high flash point. However, the extraction mechanism in ionic liquids differs from the extraction mechanism in conventional diluents and furthermore is even depending on the initial nitric acid concentration.
The extractant CyMe4BTPhen is currently under investigation in European collaborative projects and it was shown to be highly selective for trivalent actinides over lanthanides in conventional diluents. Therefore, the extraction of Am(III) was also studied in ionic liquids. A "boomerang" shaped extraction behavior was found as a function of the nitric acid concentration, implying a competition of different extraction mechanisms at the different nitric acid concentrations.
Samples for EXAFS measurements were prepared by extracting Am(III) from nitric acid solutions of different acidity into an ionic liquid phase containing CyMe4BTPhen. The ionic liquid phase was then separated and measured.

Main visitor contact data
Name: Dr Andreas Wilden
Organisation: Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH

JRP Identification
JRP nr: TALI-C04-13
JRP title: Investigation of the complex stoichiometry of [Am(CyMe4BTPhen)x] complexes in ionic liquid
JRP scope: Scope 1: Actinide separation chemistry

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Visited APF during the stay: HZDR - ROBL
Name of the APF Contact Person: Dr Andreas Scheinost

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Other organisations involved: HZDR - IRE (Stephan Weiss); CNRS-IPHC Grenoble (Isabelle Billard)
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Start date of the stay: 5/17/2015
End date of the stay: 5/19/2015
Quantity of access: 3
Access Unit: Shifts