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Short description of the work
During this stay, the first X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy measurements on nuclear fuel samples at high temperature and under controlled atmospheres were performed. We modified our experimental set-up to accept slices of sintered nuclear fuel pellets. Initially, UO2 and (U,Pu)O2 samples were planned for this experiment but due to safety issues, no sample containing plutonium could be sent to ANKA-INE. Nevertheless, in situ XANES (X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure) spectra were successfully collected on UO2 samples and also on U0.75Ce0.25O2 and U0.50Ce0.50O2 samples as surrogates for (U,Pu)O2 compounds. During this experiment, data at uranium L3 edge were collected for the 3 compositions from 300 K up to 2023 K for a wide range of oxygen partial pressure: from air (pO2=0.21 atm) to Ar-4% H2 (pO2=1.7E-26 atm). Based on XANES data, the evolution of uranium oxidation state, thus the O/U ratio, could be determined in situ as a function of both temperature and µO2. These data will be compared to thermodynamic modelling.

Main visitor contact data
Name: Dr. Philippe Martin
Organisation: CEA Cadarache

JRP Identification
JRP nr: TALI-C03-14
JRP title: In-situ high temperature XAS experiments on uranium-plutonium mixed oxides under oxidizing and reducing conditions
JRP scope: Scope 3: Actinide materials

Visited Associated Pooled Facility
Visited APF during the stay: KIT-INE - Beamline
Name of the APF Contact Person: Jörg Rothe / Kathy Dardenne

Other APF and organisation involved in the JRP
Other organisations involved: Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, CNRS (Daniel Neuville);
Other APF involved in the project:

Description of the work done at the associated pooled facility
Start date of the stay: 5/20/2015
End date of the stay: 12/29/2015
Quantity of access: 5
Access Unit: Days

Other APF visitors of the JRP during the stay
Visitor 2: Dr. Damien Prieur (JRC/ITU)
Visitor 3: Dr. Daniel Neuville (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris)
Visitor 4: Michal Strach (CEA Cadarache)
Visitor 5: Enrica Epifano (CEA Cadarache)