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Short description of the work
We have performed the EXAFS measurements of 10 liquid samples at the uranium L3 edge, in fluorescence and transmission detection ([U] ~0.005-0.01M). Those samples were composed of ionic liquid phases in which uranium(VI) had been extracted via tributyl-phosphate or DMDBMA. Data analysis is in progress, it will give us the speciation of uranium in solution, as a function of the extraction conditions.


Short description of the work
The work carried out at the KIT-INE Laboratories included the flow through dynamic experiments for elution of U-contaminated sediments from the decantation waste of a U conversion facility (3 columns in total). The eluate was analysed for U, Th, pH and Eh and selected aliquots were analysed for alkalinity, cations and anions. In one of the columns U-233 was injected to investigate the retention of U. Strong retention of U was observed in all the experiments. Solid characterisation of the samples was conducted in parallel, comprising XPS and synchrotron measurements. The synchrotron measurements included bulk and micro analysis by XRF and XANES.